The 3 best Turkish comedy movies

The 3 best Turkish comedy movies

There are 3 comedy movies and 3 movie series that you will watch and laugh. They are the first series we share in our article and our advice to you is to start from the first series and watch it.

Holy carboy

IMDb: 5,1

Fikret, who has spent his entire life as a crewman on ships, wants to settle down in Istanbul. Together with his naive friend Asım, who learns about the difficulties and complexities of life from him, the two wait for a great opportunity to come their way. When Artin, the pastor of the church in Fikret’s neighborhood, goes to the Vatican, the day dawns for the duo. Asım and Fikret start to benefit from the blessings of the church and get an unexpected job. A Family turns to Fikret, a fake priest, for help with the trouble they want to get rid of, while Fikret turns to the family for help. Unaware of anything that could happen to them, Fikret and Asım have a much bigger problem to solve than they expected.

My Companion

IMDb: 6,1

Onur is a failed pharmaceutical representative. Three days before Eid al-Adha, he has three goals: to meet his girlfriend’s family in Ayvalık, to win back his job from which he was fired, and to achieve the first two goals despite his traveling companion Şeref. In order to achieve his goals, Onur embarks on a journey full of fun and adventure together with Şeref, whom he met through a phone app and whose only commonality is their destination.

Recep İvedik

IMDb: 4,6

After Recep learns that a wallet he sees on the street actually belongs to an important businessman from Antalya, events begin. Determined to return the wallet to its owner, Recep İvedik sets off south. Recep’s story is not limited to this until he reaches Antalya. Reaching Antalya, Recep returns the wallet to its owner, Mr. Muhsin. Mr. Muhsin offers Recep money and accommodation in his hotel in return. Recep accepts the offer, which he would have refused because he did it without expecting anything in return, when he sees Sibel, his childhood sweetheart. But Sibel does not remember Recep and the real events begin from there.

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