Bald boy and the Scented Flower Tale

Bald boy and the Scented Flower Tale

Once upon a time, on the top of a mountain, next to a forest, there was a village where bald boy lived. Bald boy had only one mother and his mother had only one Keloğlan. Since they had no one else in the world, they always supported each other, they did not let anyone know if they ate dry bread, and they did not inform anyone about their bad situation by saying that they ate food worthy of sultans.

Bald boy was very smart, but he was as lazy as he was smart. If his mother said, “Come on, son, get an onion from the garden,” he would think for two hours, calculate for three hours and think about how to get that onion from the garden to his feet. Eventually he would find a way, but his mother would go crazy in the meantime. As the days went by like this, bald boy mother fell ill one day and all the work fell to bald boy. That lazy bald boy was gone and a sane and hardworking Keloğlan came in his place. His mother was ordering Keloğlan from her bed, and he was running from one place to another. This went on for days, and Keloğlan finally fell into a corner from exhaustion. At that time a mouse came to Keloğlan:

– Keloğlan said, “keloğlan is a bald boy, everything is free, how can you work, it’s hard, isn’t it? Keloğlan opened his eyes and chased the mouse. The mouse came back again, this time closer;

– He said, “Heeyyy. Have you heard what happened to the princess? Whoever heals the princess, the king will marry her to his daughter. Then he told the story in a flash, the beautiful princess had been crying for months and no one could silence her. Whoever can make my daughter laugh, the king said, I will make him a prince.When Keloğlan heard this, he started jumping up and down saying, “This is not going to work, we need to do something else.” He came to the foot of the mountain near their house by jumping up and down. He picked the flowers that bloomed on the mountainside. The specialty of these flowers was that they could make people giggle. From what he had learned from his mother, he knew that if he put them all together, he could make the princess laugh. After watering the flowers he had collected all day with some mixtures, he took the flowers and set off for the palace. When he arrived at the palace gate, he did two somersaults and stood in line with those waiting in line. When his turn came in the evening, he was almost asleep from exhaustion. They let him in.

Keloğlan handed the flowers he had hidden in the paper to the princess. As soon as the princess took the flowers in her hand, she started giggling and laughing so much that the king, the queen and everyone with her started laughing with the princess.

The princess seemed to be flying with happiness. Keloğlan married the princess at the wedding that day, took his mother from her sick bed and brought her to the palace. The mother gave her bald son a big kiss on his bald head.

Three apples fell from the sky, one on the head of the writer, one on the head of the reader and one on the head of the listener.

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