Bald boy and snake

Bald boy and snake cat dog and fish

Once upon a time there was a poor woman and a Keloğlan. One day, as the bald boy was selling the wood and returning home with his money, he saw a crier shouting. The crier has a closed box in his hand:

“One regrets buying, one regrets not buying.” he shouts. The bald boy thinks and thinks, decides to buy this box and says, “We are bankrupt either way; let me give this hundred coins and buy this box.” He takes the box and comes home. His mother was hungry and waiting for her son to bring bread:

“Bald boy, didn’t you bring bread? I’m starving, bald dose, head full of shit.”

“Mom, I gave today’s money for this.”

The bald boy puts the box on the roof of the house and it stays there for a while. After a while, the box falls to the ground with a “bang” and inside the box is a baby snake. The woman runs to the door screaming.

They go and inform Bald Boy, and Bald Boy comes. Meanwhile, the baby snake speaks:

“O son of man, if you take me to my father, I will give you a great reward.”

“Where am I going to find your father?”

“You take me, I’ll give you directions.

They set out. They go a little, they go a lot, God knows how much, they can only go a barley length. They come to a place where there are no people, there are snakes everywhere, and as soon as they see human beings, the snakes attack Keloğlan. But when they see the baby snake next to Keloğlan, they all back off and start greeting them. Bald boy asks the snake:

“What happened, what is this?”

“These are my father’s soldiers. My father is their sultan, and my father has a mansion in such and such a place.”

On their way to the mansion, the snake warns Bald Boy:

“If my father says to you, “O son of man, ask and I will give you what you ask for,” you will say, “Give me the ring under your tongue.” Don’t ask for anything else, just take that ring.”

They arrive at the father of the baby snake. Overjoyed, the father says:

“Do you want to make a wish on me?

“Give me the ring under your tongue.”

Taking the ring from her, Keloğlan returns to his hometown. But on the way, a regret appears in Bald Boy. “What did I do, the man gave me a lot of gold and I didn’t take it. I’ve been traveling for six months for this one ring.” In the meantime, somehow, he sticks his tongue in the ring (licks the ring). Immediately two Arabs like zebella appear:

“O Agha, command, shall we burn or destroy this world?”

“What are you burning and destroying the world for? Neither burn nor destroy. Take me to my mother now.”

Keloğlan is with his mother in five minutes.

“Okay, this ring’s got something in it.” He thinks. The bald boy loved the sultan’s daughter. One day he says to his mother:

“Now you will go to the sultan’s daughter-in-law.”

“Oh my bald son, will the sultan give you his daughter?”

“He will, mom, just go and ask him.”

The poor woman is scared. They have no proper place to sleep, will the sultan give him his daughter? When his mother saw that her son was angry:

“Let me see, bald, maybe it will happen. If it happens, so be it, if it doesn’t, so be it.”

In those days, there was a place like a table in front of the doors. Whoever sat there, they knew he was a button maker.

While the Sultan was sitting in front of the window and looking around, he saw that a grandmother came and sat on the button maker stone. The sultan ordered his concubines to take the grandmother to the mansion:

“So, grandma, what do you want, here you go.”

“Sultan, what can I say if Allah has written it. But come, I have a promise, you will do it.”


“You will build a mansion on the south-east side of my mansion, it will look just like mine. Your mansion will give daylight to my mansion an hour and a half later. It will be so ornate, so big.”

“Yes, I’ll get it done,” he says, comes home and scolds Keloğlan:

“Oh my bald son, bald, they will shit on your head. What are you going to build these things with? You can’t find bread to eat. The sultan wants a mansion like his. Where are you going to buy and build it?” In the evening, the bald boy who put his mother to bed licks the ring and the Arabs come:

“Shall we burn it down or destroy it?”

“Neither burn nor demolish. On the south-east side of the sultan’s mansion, you will build such a palace that it will be three times higher than the sultan’s mansion. My mother and I will be on the top floor.”

An old woman who sleeps in bad places wakes up in the morning. She was almost in the sky:

“My bald son, why did you build this place so high? God damn you, how will I get up and down from here?”

While his mother is thinking about these things, the bald boy calls out:

“Mom, get up and go, we did this.”

His mother goes again and they take him to the sultan. The sultan says:

“You got the palace built, I have a second promise”

“What’s that?”

“I need a bridge made of gold and silver from the middle floor of our palace to the middle floor of the palace you built, so that the sun will not hit my daughter when she goes back and forth. I raise my child in the coolness.”

Bald boy’s mother walks into the house, thinking:

“Oh my bald son, do you hold the timber so that we can build a “patpat”? The sultan wants a gold and silver bridge from you. Why are you going to buy and build it?”

Don’t worry, it’ll happen, but first you bring our dinner.

They eat their meal. When evening comes and his mother goes to bed, the bald boy calls the Arabs again:

“I want a bridge like this!”

That night the bridge was also built. The sultan sees that there is no way out of this. He gives his eldest daughter to him. They have their wedding and throw them inside.

They eat and drink, and some time passes. His wife says to the sultan:

“Let’s go and see our daughter, they came to us, now it’s our turn.”

“So, ma’am, what should we take? If you say wealth, they are richer than us, they don’t need money.

What gifts should we bring them?”

The sultan had an Arab slave, they decided to take him away

“Let’s take this one, let him eat and drink, and when he comes back we will say, ‘Brother-in-law, this Arab slave has been serving us until now. Let him serve you from now on.”

They come with the Arab slave. They eat and drink, and when it is time to leave:

“Uncle, the Arab slave has served us until now, let him serve you from now on,” they say, and leave the Arab slave there. However, Bald Boy’s wife and the Arab slave were on very good terms: they used to make fun of each other in the palace without the sultan’s knowledge.

The Arab slave would serve, and the bald boy would take his hound and his hound and go hunting.

He couldn’t stop hunting because he was used to it.

One day the Arab slave says to Bald Boy’s wife:

“This bald boy used to starve to death, there is something to this. Find out.” His wife tries to find out by squeezing the bald boy:

“We married you, our lives are one. Why don’t you tell me your secret?”

“My secret is this ring in my wallet.”

At night, when the bald boy is asleep, the girl takes the ring and immediately gives it to the Arab slave. As soon as the slave takes it, he puts it on his finger and licks it. Immediately the Arabs come:

“At your command, sir, shall we burn or demolish?”

“Neither burn nor destroy. I want the girl, me and the palace in that tower in the middle of the sea. And you will take the bald boy and his mother to the old goose roofs and throw them away.”

In five minutes these things happen. In the morning, as soon as the bald boy wakes up, he starts banging his head against the wood:

He says, “Oh no!” He looks and the ring is gone. He goes straight to the sultan. The sultan thinks this is the old state Bald boy:

“Brother-in-law, don’t worry, I’ll give you my little girl. She is more beautiful, more sincere.”

“No, my sultan, I don’t want a girl.”

“And what do you want?”

“You will take care of my mother until I come back, I don’t want anything else.” He leaves his mother there, takes his hound and his kitten and sets off.

This Bald Boy had an older sister who was given to the Emerald Phoenix bird. The bald boy traveled a long way and one day he sat down to rest at the foot of a great tree. One day a bird came and landed next to him:

“Peace be upon you.”

“Alaikum salaam.”

“Where are you from?”

“I’m from so-and-so.”

When they ask about each other’s origins, the bird recognizes the bald boy:

“You’re my blood.”

“How can that be?”

“Am I not your brother-in-law?”

There they realize they are related. The bird asks:

“So, what are you here for?”

The bald boy tells him the situation.

“There is a palace in the middle of the Mediterranean, it didn’t exist before. I saw it in a few days.” The bald boy takes the hound and the cat and goes there. The hound speaks and says softly to the cat:

“kitty, this man was carrying wood on his back, he took care of us. Now it’s our turn. You’ll get on my back, we’ll go there. I’ll cower, you hop in through the window and try to get this ring. In the meantime, bring me some bread. Steal it from the boat or something so I don’t go hungry.”

“Yeah, I’ll do it.”

They go there. As the hound cowers among the trees, the kitty jumps in. As soon as the girl sees the cat, she gets excited. There were many mice there too, and they were very hurt by the mice. When the cat starts chasing the mice, both the Arab slave and the girl start to like it. While they were lying down, the cat continued to chase the mice. A mouse says:

“What’s the matter, cat brother, are you going to cut our roots?”

“Either you will tell me where the ring is, or I will cut you down.”

One of the mice says: “Swear you won’t eat me and I’ll tell you where the ring is.”

“I won’t eat you, come tell me.”

“The ring sleeps under the tongue of the Arab.”

“How do we get this out of here?”

“Your eyes are light, you stand under the cot. I will take my tail and stick it up the Arab’s nose. Then the Arab will gag, and when he does, the ring will fall out of his mouth and you will take it and run away.”


They do as they agreed. The cat grabs the ring and comes to the hound:

“Brother Hound, I found the ring, let’s go.” When they are in the middle of the sea, the greyhound starts:

“Give me the ring, or I’ll throw you into the sea.”

“Hound, your mouth is talkative, you see a fish, you say ‘woof’ and drop the ring into the sea.”

“Hound, your mouth is not strong, if you saw a fish, you would say ‘woof’ and jump and drop the ring into the sea.”

“Oh no, why should I?”

The poor cat gets scared. If he is thrown into the sea, he will drown. He is forced to give the ring to the hound. When the hound sees a fish and says “woof”, the ring falls from his mouth into the sea and a fish grabs it and swallows it.

They come across having made a mess of things. The bald boy is angry with the hound. Pussycat:

“Wait, don’t be angry with the hound. I need this. You go and wait until I find this ring.”

These two start following the fishermen. They go to the fishermen fishing with Tor. It turns out that the kitten knows the fish that swallowed the ring. When the fishermen bring the fish, coincidentally that fish also comes out of the grandson. As soon as the kitty gets that fish, it runs away. If they run after him, someone shouts:

“What’s one fish? There are hundreds of them.”

The catman immediately comes to the greyhound, who slits the belly of the fish. Indeed, the ring is in the belly of the fish. As soon as they get the ring. They meet up with the bald boy. As soon as the bald boy put the ring on his finger, he licked it and the Arabs immediately came:

“Shall we burn it down or destroy it?”

“Neither burn nor destroy. Return the Arab slave and the girl to their former place in the palace in the middle of the sea, and me to my mother.”

Immediately these things are fulfilled. The bald boy goes to the sultan:

“My sultan, here they all are.”

The sultan arrives and sees that the Arab slave and his daughter are hugging each other so tightly that no water can get between them

“Wow, that’s how it is, huh?”

As soon as the sultan draws his sword, he expels them both from the palace and gives his little daughter to Bald Boy to marry.

A new wedding is set up and all the people and drummers come

They eat, drink and be happy.

Compiled by: Dr. Saim SAKAOĞLU

Journal of Turkish Folklore Research, 1975, issue: 312


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