Adult fairy tales mahmut and suna

Adult fairy tales mahmut and suna

A long time ago in a village, two young people, Mahmut and Suna, fell in love with each other. After a while, they got married upon the agreement of their families. But their happiness was short-lived. Before even a year had passed, Mahmut was called for military service. At that time, military service was long, and it was often unpredictable when he would return. After a sad farewell, Mahmut went to the army. Mahmut, who was already a popular and successful young man in his village, became a sergeant because of his success during his military service. Henceforth he was known as Mahmut Sergeant. After 3-4 years of military service, Mahmut went to the front when war broke out and was captured after a while. At the time, people were willing to do seven years of military service, but because of Mahmut’s captivity, almost 15 years passed. At that time, it was not possible for news to reach his village and inform them of Mahmut’s situation. So Suna Gelin, like Mahmut’s mother and father, gave up hope and accepted her fate.

After all this time, the war finally ended and many soldiers, including Mahmut, were freed from captivity. So Mahmut reached his village after a long and arduous journey. He reached his village, but at the same time, he had a worm in his stomach about what was going on after all these years. On the one hand, he was longing for all these years and on the other hand, he did not know what was happening in his village. It is impossible for him to know whether his parents are alive or not, whether Suna Gelinin is waiting for him or not.

Mahmut decided to wait for the night rather than go straight into the village and go home. As the hours dragged on and the village fell silent, Mahmut slowly approached their house and peeked in through the window. He saw that Suna Gelin was lying on her bed, but someone was lying next to her. Mahmut Sergeant, whose heart burned like fire at what he saw, decided to indirectly ask Suna Gelin about the situation without revealing his identity and started singing a folk song in his burnt voice.

Tatar from below
He beats his whip
Where does the strange one sleep
Put me down, sweet bride

Suna Gelin responded as if to show the hospitality of Anatolian people, but also as if to say that it would not be appropriate to let someone she did not know in at this time of night.

Tatar from below
He beats his whip
The strange one sleeps in the inn
I can’t take you, brave.

However, Mahmut Sergeant did not give up so easily after all these years.

I’m sick, I can’t get off the horse
Even if I get off, I can’t get back on
The moon is dark, I can’t go
take me, sweet bride

Suna Gelin did not back down from her determination.

If you’re sick, you get off the horse
Even if you get off, you get back on
You go the moonlight way
I can’t take you, brave

Mahmut Sergeant then started to ask in more detail.

Come take your evening
Come light your candle
That brave man lying next to you
Come let me know what’s up

Suna Gelin also made the necessary explanation without waiting.

I’ll take my evening
I light my lamp
To the brave who lies beside me
I gave my skin

When she said this, she realized that this young man was actually their child and she was overjoyed. But as the story goes, he continued with the ballad.

The decree comes from Ardahan
There is no help in my knees
Mahmut Sergeant will die for you
Open the door, Suna Gelin

Who knows, maybe Suna Gelin, who had been waiting for this moment for many years, immediately opened the door and responded to Mahmut Sergeant one last time with a folk song.

Let the decree come from Ardahan
May your knees be strong
Suna Gelin will die for you
Come in, Mahmut Sergeant
My arm is a pillow and my hair is a quilt
Come in, Mahmut Sergeant

1.This is told in a similar way all over Northeast Anatolia.

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