Addiction and its Psychological Dimensions

Addiction and its Psychological Dimensions

Addiction means to dedicate, to devote oneself to someone else. Psychologically, although addiction gives people pleasure, it brings mental problems after a while.


Addiction means to dedicate, to devote oneself to someone else. When addiction is evaluated from a psychological point of view, although it gives pleasure to people at the beginning, these momentary pleasures gradually cause mental disorder, causing the will to get out of control and the mind to become unable to work. This mental disorder starts to have a negative impact on the person’s life, weakening the person’s power of adaptation, making them unable to continue their work and school life and leading them to failures.

Although the impact of addiction varies from person to person, it has a single effect on everyone: failure and unhappiness. In addition to the mentioned failures in work, school and social life, addiction also causes many problems by disrupting the anger control mechanism in people, causing unnecessary arguments, causing social problems for addicts, causing anxiety and sudden outbursts of anger.

Addiction is caused by the fact that the addicted substance (this substance can be addictions such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or sugary foods) does not want to give up the feeling of happiness it creates in the person and cannot get away from the substance to stay in the feeling.

In addiction treatment, a real result can be achieved with the help of medication and individual therapy carried out together with the patient, as well as the application of group therapies. Another therapy method applied in addiction treatment today is Mora Therapy.

Mora therapy is a complementary medicine method with no known side effects, which is basically a blending and development of deep-rooted medical knowledge such as acupuncture, Chinese medicine, homeopathy with today’s medical knowledge and technological developments, using a device (mora device), computer programs and various equipment. It is used all over the world in many different indications, especially in addiction, allergy, pain and infectious diseases, by detecting the very weak electromagnetic vibrations emitted from the body of the person (with the help of electrodes placed in various parts of the body) like an antenna and sending them back to the body by processing them through various processes according to the content of the program selected according to the situation.

If the application is related to a substance taken from outside (such as allergy, addiction), it changes the pathological relationship between the substance or substances in question and the person and provides a return to the natural state that should be.

Mora therapy provides a fast and definitive solution to addiction treatments such as smoking, alcohol and food without any side effects.

If you or someone around you is suffering from addiction, do not hesitate to seek support as soon as possible.

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