A Tale of True Friendship

A Tale of True Friendship

One day, two friends, Alper and Ilyas, were traveling in the desert. At some point during the journey, an argument started between them, and Alper spoke in a way that hurt Ilyas and broke Ilyas’ heart.

Ilyas was very upset about this, but without saying anything to Alper, he wrote in the sand;

“My best friend hurt me so much today!”

Then they continued walking in the desert. It was very hot in the desert and they were both very thirsty. Soon they saw an oasis a little further on and they ran to it to get a drink of water. Ilyas slipped and got stuck in the swamp while trying to drink water. Just as he was about to drown, Alper came to Ilyas’ rescue and saved him from the swamp. This time Ilyas wrote the following on a hard rock;

“Today my best friend saved my life!”

Alper was surprised by this and asked Ilyas about it;

“After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand, now you write on a stone, why?”

Ilyas replied;

“When someone hurts us, we should write it in sand that a gentle wind can erase. But when someone does us an important favor, we should engrave it in stone that no wind can erase, never to forget it.”

ADVICE: Don’t value the things you have in your life. But value the person you have in your life.


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