A Tale of Precious Salt

A Tale of Precious Salt

Masal masal maniki
I counted twelve on the way
Half of twelve
The fox is the jackal’s wife.

Once upon a time, once upon a time. Once upon a time, once upon a time, when the foxes were the barbers, the lambs were the sheep, and I was rocking my mother’s cradle with a jingle jangle. They called it a tinkling sieve, a tinkling calamity, and they told this tale like this.

Once upon a time there was a sultan and his three daughters. One day this sultan gathered his daughters around him and asked them how much do you love me? The eldest daughter said as much as the world, the middle daughter as much as a lap, and the youngest daughter as much as salt.

The sultan was very angry at the little girl’s answer, and said, “Can anyone ever be as loved as salt?” Then he handed his little girl over to the guards. The guards took the little girl by the arm and threw her into the dungeon.

A guard, who could not bear to see the little girl lying in the dungeon, secretly took her out of the dungeon and took her away from the palace.

The little girl was on her way. She traveled far and wide and reached a village. There, one of the rich people of the village took her as a slave, raised her, and she became a very beautiful girl. Her beauty spread from province to province, from tongue to tongue, and as fate would have it, she married the son of another sultan.

Some time passed, she told her husband what had happened to her and asked him to invite my fathers for dinner. Her husband said yes. The necessary preparations were made and the sultan’s father was called to the banquet.

The sultan father of the girl came to the feast with his entourage on the appointed day. When the sultan and his entourage sat down at the table, the food started to arrive one by one. But the girl instructed her cook to make all the dishes without salt. Whichever dish the sultan attacked, his hand went back and he could not eat any of the dishes.

At that moment, his little daughter jumped up from the sultan’s table. She said, “My sultan, I heard that you threw your little daughter into the dungeons because she said that she loved you as much as salt. Without giving the sultan a chance to say anything, she said, “I am that little girl” and added, “I made all the dishes without salt so that you would understand my value.

Ashamed of what he had done, the sultan hugged his little daughter’s neck and realized how precious salt was. After that, a new era began. They found their happiness, let us read their happiness.


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