A tale of love, respect and compassion

A tale of love, respect and compassion

Once upon a time there was a couple and they had triplets. One of them was a girl and two of them were boys, and the father named them Love, Respect and Mercy. Their father went to pray.

“O Allah, you have given me my children, I have named all three of them, I ask you that they live up to their names, I ask nothing else from you.”

As the children grew up, their characters started to change. They started to become individuals who had nothing to do with the names their fathers gave them.

Love has turned them into people who have no love for anyone, respect has turned them into people who have no respect for anyone, and compassion has turned them into people who have no compassion for anyone. Their father was very sad about this situation. But the children had already become like this, so there was nothing their father could do anymore.

Each of them got married, settled down and left. They only went to see their parents, who had brought them to that age, once a year. Year after year, their parents grew old, and neither of them could do anything anymore.

The brothers agreed to visit their parents. When they went to their father’s house, they felt sorry for their parents, but they still didn’t want to take care of them. He says you take care, she says you take care, while they were arguing in this way, his father interjected and said, “We don’t want anyone to take care of us, you got married and left, and we don’t want to be a burden.”

Then his father said again, “It is time to divide the inheritance, we are old, I will give you each what is rightfully yours.”

Hearing this, the brothers were excited and wondered what he would give them. Their father said, “I am waiting for you all next year, come here and I will give you your shares.”

So when the three brothers returned home, they would call their parents day and night and send them a lot of things they needed just for the inheritance. So a year passed and they gathered again.

While the brothers were waiting for the inheritance, their father said, “You have not done anything to bear the meaning of your name, you have only tried to pull the wool over our eyes for the inheritance, if you want the inheritance, you will wait for one more year and only then you will be entitled to the inheritance if you become individuals who bear the meaning of your name.”

When the brothers returned home again, they thought long and hard. “I think my father is right, we have grown up and forgotten everything, we have no love, compassion or respect left.”

When the three brothers went back a year later, the subject of inheritance came up again. Their father said, “The time has come, I will give you your rights.

“The brothers said, “Father, you brought us to this age without needing anyone, you always showed us the right path, but we went astray and now we regret it very much, don’t give us a share, none of us want our rights, donate them all to orphaned children.” They said.

Their father was very touched and said, “Here are my children, I knew that somewhere your love, respect and compassion were not gone.

Knowing that you would give this answer, I donated all I had to the orphans. The only inheritance I can give you is “love-respect-compassion”.” The siblings were also touched and hugged their parents.

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