A Memorization Story That Has Also Learned Its Lesson 

A Memorization Story That Has Also Learned Its Lesson

Turkish /Yozgat

While the city of Yozgat was established in early 1760 in a green, forested area of the Bozok Plateau, surrounded by forests and surrounded by thousands of birds singing; The people of Yozgat were semi-nomadic at that time and were engaged in animal husbandry by feeding their herds and provided their lives in this way.

One of these herds grazing on the Bozok plateau was grazed by a Turkmen nomad named Sürmeli Bey. This folk troubadour with a melodious voice, beloved by the people, would wander with his flock in the forests stretching from Yozgat to Akdağmadeni with his pipe in his hand and his saz on his back. Sometimes he would come across the base of a pine. He would make the strings of his saz speak, sometimes he would play his pipe on the edge of a stream and think about the beloved of his heart, whom he was in love with.

That beloved was a moon-faced, moon-faced belle with ahu eyes and kohl eyebrows, whose beauty spread across the Bozok plateau. Her father was a Turkmen lord and a very stern man. Sürmeli Bey sent his family to ask his father for his beloved, but the proud man refused to give his daughter to a shepherd. Beys and aghas intervened, but in vain, the girl’s father could not be pleased and the two lovers could not be united.

Leaving his herd out of sadness, Sürmeli Bey picks up his saz and establishes a lodge in the area of five pines. He tells his love to the mountains and trees with his burning folk songs. He sulks to his otbah, his lodge and no one sees him again behind the pines stretching up to Akdağlar. All that remains are the songs he blew on his troubled pipe and sang on his embroidered saz. Sürmeli Bey’s folk songs echo in tongues from that day to this day.


Sürmeli is one of the most beautiful examples of Turkish Folk Literature in Yozgat. The emergence of Yozgat Sürmelis is the period when the Second World War ended at the end of the 19th century. All of them are 96 couplets.

It is an address to the lover with kohl and beautiful eyes. In the past, young girls used to put kohl on their eyes when going out and their eyes would be more attractive. Only their eyes were visible in their loose abaya.

Yozgat Sürmelileri are songs of love, even infatuation, brought by stories that have been lived. This momentary glance at the kohl-rimmed eyes is the beginning of great loves and black loves in the hearts, and the hearts that fall silently burn silently, expand their fire and pour out of the mouths as the words of the kohl-rimmed. There is pain, longing and expatriation in the words spoken. The reason why we are so moved while listening to the sürmelis is that the emotions we capture in these sürmeli stories have a place, a pain in ourselves. In short, we find our own loves and longing in Yozgat Sürmelis.

Sürmeli Bey’s most well-known folk song;

In Yozgat folk songs, longing, love and, above all, highland and highland-related topics are covered. The best description of Yozgat is “Folk Song Yozgat Surmelisi”. A quatrain from Sürmeli Folk Song is as follows.


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